Over the Moon

Over the Moon is a Metroid NES romhack of udderly epic proportions! [Jump to Download Links]


You play as Bessie, bio-engineered weapon under the employ of the Ax, a powerful alien species that has been monitoring Earth for hundreds, if not thousands of years. They maintain their secrecy by destroying any evidence of their presence. That's where you come in.
It is your mission to travel into the Bloom Lake Research Facility and erase the data being stored in the central server. Unfortunately, this server is inaccessible without the two passcodes, each protected by powerful defense robots kept elsewhere in the facility.

Explore the BLRF in search of weapons and equipment while avoiding dangerous robots and hazards, track down the two passcodes, and find your way through the security systems to destroy the main computer.

Items and Pickups

Energy Node

A small locus of pure energy left behind by certain enemies. It will restore some of your bio-shields, but it will disappear if not collected quickly.

Adaptive Armor

This experimental armor adapts to the wearer, providing additional durability before breaking. Though you can only hold 6, collecting more will refill your energy to maximum.

Missile Clip

Increases missile capacity by 4


Refills 2 missiles, up to the user's current maximum. This number can be increased by finding more clips

Stasis Generator

Produces a powerful field that incapacitates targets by freezing them in temporary stasis field. No ill effects have been reported as a direct result of this.

Pulse Emitter

The projectiles from this device vibrate at a frequency that allows them to pass through objects that would stop normal bullets.

Range Enhancer

This modular add-on will increase the power output of your weapons, allowing them to travel much further.

Gravity Modulator

Adjusts the gravitational field around the user, allowing them to jump higher.

Drone Manifester

Summons a small remote-control drone at the coordinates of the user. This drone can use timed explosives if they are equipped.

Timed Explosive

Working in tandem with the Drone Manifester, this powerful explosive will destroy some nearby materials while simultaneously ejecting the user from the explosion site

Tesla Reactor

By converting air friction into energy, a powerful electrical field is generated around the wearer, obliterating or repelling anything it touches.

Serum X-33

This powerful serum increases biological durability. (Known side effects include a minor discoloration of skin pigmentation.)

Enemies and Obstacles


A powerful computer software programmed to attack any and all foreign entities detected in the central computer server.


Spider-like utility drones that collect excess electrical energy to prevent it from building up. They will mind their own business unless disturbed, but have been known to short circuit and harm those that touch them.


A probe-like droid powered by antigravity. Once activated, they will hold their strict position until powered down or destroyed.


Extremely dangerous security droids that will attack intruders on sight. Exercise extreme caution! They can only be destroyed with heavy weapons, but freezing them in stasis can allow you to avoid them.


Disguising themselves as light fixtures, these droids will drop down on intruders a few moments before exploding. OSHA is working to ban them.


These flying drones patrol the surface of the BLRF. They will activate sharp defense spikes when threatened.

Map Drone

These detector orbs collect environmental data by bouncing between walls, creating a 3D map of the area. Their armor is particularly strong, but can be damaged with enough force.


A heavily armored remote tank designed to operate in low gravity. It holds one of the two passcodes.

Patrol Drone Mk 2

These simple robots patrol between two points on the same horizontal plane. They can make good platforms if frozen with stasis.

Patrol Drone Mk 1

An earlier prototype of the Mk 2. These use jet propulsion as opposed to antigravity levitation.


A prototype defense droid built by instant fabricators. Heavily armored and powerful, but their AI is not yet perfected.

Reinforced Doors

These require missiles to open. Pink doors require 5, and gray doors require 10.


These autonomous drones crawl along surfaces and keep them clean of dust and debris. They are harmless, provided you don't touch them.


Intruder-seeking drones with a hive mind. They will spawn from fabricators and attack with no regard for their own self-preservation.


One of the two password holders. Extremely dangerous and powerful. Do not approach unless you're prepared for a fight.

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