Video Game Bunker

Season 1

001 - Castlevania

002 - Super Mario Bros.

003 - Twisted Metal

004 - Milon's Secret Castle

005 - Arctic Tale

006 - Ethnic Cleansing

007 - Super Columbine Massacre RPG!

008 - Sonic the Hedgehog
Season 2

009 - E.T. The Extra Terrestrial

010 - Halo

011 - Top 10 Simultaneous 2-player NES Games

012 - Wall Street Kid

013 - Werewolf: The Last Warrior
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What people are saying about Video Game Bunker:

"Zero has a good character and setting. He gives another layer to reviews than just sitting in front of the camera and talking." - Robert Million,

"Your reviews are great. Intelligent, entertaining and thought-provoking... Better than most of the stuff on YouTube."

"Zero! Your [sic] my underground video game hero:D "

"fuck this guy atleast AVGN isn't talking shit about people based on their opinion. So fuck zero he is the asshole"
-- Looterster

"You've changed my life. Thank you."
-- Coreman53

"This shit is fantastic."
-- terrybrass

"fuck you terrorist!!! ... your a r'tard you aren't even a nerd!!!!!! go and suck on a babybottle! FUCKING FAG"
-- Greenmeanmachine