Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Spazzmania Reviews

TZ here! You're probably wondering why things have been so quiet from me. Well, for the last 2 weeks, I was under contract to a company called Spazzmania to do reviews of iPad games. Unfortunately, my work wasn't up to their standards and they recently let me go, but here's the videos I did while I was working for them.


  1. I looked at Spazzmania's youtube page and I can see why they let you go. Unlike all the other reviews, you gave an honest review of the games and pointed out the flaws. However, all the other Spazzmania reviewers only have positive things to say about the games they review.

    This makes me think that Spazzmania is one of those untrustworthy sites that only want their reviews to say good things about the games they review. If you get the job, you would have had to sellout

  2. Hi Anonymous,

    Our reviews are not all positive for games. If you review our youtube page you'll see we take the time to truly review whether a game is good or not.

    We take pride in our reviews and believe on the quality of the review and thee reviewer delivering it. Hence why we let him go. It's not the review he gave, but the work and video quality compared to our other folks.

    Spazzmania Team.


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