Thursday, May 27, 2010

Video Game Bunker - Castlevania


  1. Nice review, and I honestly have to agree. Also, have you thought about getting a real gas mask if possible? Or maybe some rad goggles if you intend to keep the surgical mask. If you can, for the sake of the character, could be could.

  2. a summary of the above video: a whiner who knows nothing about video games or their history bitching and nitpicking tiny, inconsequensial "problems" which no one else has any problem with, simply to excuse the fact that they suck at the game. seriously, who looks at the BOSS's health meter? really? how many people have actually had that problem? one. you. you're no better than the irate gamer, failing at games and then making up "problems" so you can blame the designers for your own error.


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